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[audio]dd - sz

Downloads: 19
[audio]hinah016 - SZ - 3.02 VS 2.22 = 25.16 ? - SZ
SZ is the solo project of Franck Litzler, former quitarist/bassist and co-founder of NATSAT (a post-rock band from Tours, France, that played with The Ex, Trans Am, and Shipping News). After moving from Tours to Grenoble, Franck started again a project that he'd first started in 1992 when he bought a 4-track recorder: Franck recorded everything he could, sampling, twisting, and mixing sounds he'd gathered during travels to India, Iran, South America, with electronic pieces and acoustic instrumen...
Keywords: hinah; hinah series; SZ
Downloads: 8
[audio]SZ - sample's zeal (another016) - SZ
(musique diffusée chez another record) SZ, dont la musique circule déjàavec bonheur sur des labels comme hinah ou drunk dogs records, nous offre ici une collection inédite de compositions enregistrées sur le vif, at home. De brefs tranches de musiques nées de l'amitié, qui nous permettent de saisir la création en devenir, àsa source même, et d'ores et déjà, plusieurs de ces moments ont fait l'objet d'oeuvres plus conséquentes, qu'on p...
Downloads: 8,815
[audio]SZ_Home-recordings - SZ
SZ - Sample's Zeal
Keywords: sz; another record
Downloads: 161
[audio]ar016-sz_sample-zeal - sz
see some other records by SZ on : drunk dogs records hinah You may download the mp3 files cause off are broken for now...
Downloads: 22,661
[texts]Zump : - Horonczyk, Sz.

Downloads: 39
[audio]0715_2300_WKTGTRTGT - SZ M
hardcore radio show
Keywords: hardcore show walk rock together
Downloads: 6
[texts]A Yid tsṿishn poyerim [microform] : pyese - Djamant, Sz
Keywords: Yiddish Drama
Downloads: 27
[texts]Gelayṭerṭe - Kornblum, Sz
Electronic reproduction
Downloads: 52
[texts]Menṭshn in shoṭn dertseylungen - Russ, Sz
Electronic reproduction
Downloads: 92
[texts]Yomim-ṭoyvim-folḳlor ale folḳsṭimlikhe diburim, glaykhṿerṭlekh, ṿitsen ... ṿegen unzere yomim-ṭoyvim - Złotnik, Sz
On cover: "ershṭer ṭeyl." No more published?
Keywords: Jews; Fasts and feasts
Downloads: 142
[texts]A discrete extension of the Blaschke Rolling Ball Theorem - Sz. Gy. Re've'sz
The Rolling Ball Theorem asserts that given a convex body K in Euclidean space and having a smooth surface bd(K) with all principal curvatures not exceeding c>0 at all boundary points, K necessarily has the property that to each boundary point there exists a ball B_r of radius r=1/c, fully contained in K and touching bd(K) at the given boundary point from the inside of K. In the present work we prove a discrete analogue of the result on the plane...
Downloads: 10
[texts]Progress in nonequilibrium quantum field theory III - J. Berges
We review recent developments and open questions for the description of nonequilibrium quantum fields, continuing hep-ph/0302210 and hep-ph/0410330.
Downloads: 1
[texts]Low-cost fermions in classical field simulations - Sz. Borsanyi
We discuss the possible extension of the bosonic classical field theory simulations to include fermions. This problem has been addressed in terms of the inhomogeneous mean field approximation by Aarts and Smit. By performing a stochastic integration of an equivalent set of equations we can extend the original 1+1 dimensional calculations so that they become feasible in higher dimensions. We test the scheme in 2 + 1 dimensions and discuss some classical applications with fermions for the first ti...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Algebraic Nahm transform for Parabolic Higgs Bundles on P^1 - K. Aker
We study Nahm transformation for parabolic Higgs bundles on the projective line \PP^1, with logarithmic singularities on a finite set P. Such a Higgs bundle can be given by its spectral data: a Hirzebruch surface Z together with a coherent sheaf M on Z, supported in dimension 1 and away from infinity. We describe the transform in terms of these data. The main technical tool is the notion of proper transform of a coherent sheaf with respect to a blow-up...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Refinement trajectory and determination of eigenstates by a wavelet based adaptive method - J. Pipek
The detail structure of the wave function is analyzed at various refinement levels using the methods of wavelet analysis. The eigenvalue problem of a model system is solved in granular Hilbert spaces, and the trajectory of the eigenstates is traced in terms of the resolution. An adaptive method is developed for identifying the fine structure localization regions, where further refinement of the wave function is necessary.
Downloads: 2
[texts]The kinetic energy operator in the subspaces of wavelet analysis - J. Pipek
At any resolution level of wavelet expansions the physical observable of the kinetic energy is represented by an infinite matrix which is ``canonically'' chosen as the projection of the operator $-\Delta/2$ onto the subspace of the given resolution. It is shown, that this canonical choice is not optimal, as the regular grid of the basis set introduces an artificial consequence of periodicity, and it is only a particular member of possible operator representations...
Downloads: 9
[texts]Edwards-Wilkinson surface over a spherical substrate: $1/f$ noise in the height fluctuations - V. Eisler
We study the steady state fluctuations of an Edwards-Wilkinson type surface with the substrate taken to be a sphere. We show that the height fluctuations on circles at a given latitude has the effective action of a perfect Gaussian $1/f$ noise, just as in the case of fixed radius circles on an infinite planar substrate. The effective surface tension, which is the overall coefficient of the action, does not depend on the latitude angle of the circles.
Downloads: 6
[texts]Yalḳuṭ ha-roʻim : asefot deʻot ha-Tanaʾim ṿeha-Amoraʾim - Neuman, Sz. (Szymon)

Keywords: Talmud; Talmud
Downloads: 66
[texts]Baym shṿel Binyomins ḳinderyorn - Horonczyk, Sz., 1889-1939
Thrid of four part series
Downloads: 75
[texts]Menṭshn fun Ḳ.P.P. Daṿid Rikhṭer, Mosheh Grinbaum, Shemuʼel Mereṭiḳ - Zacharjasz, Sz. (Szymon)
Added t.p. in Polish: Ludzie K.P.P
Keywords: Jews; Jews
Downloads: 80
[texts]Shirashirim miṭ a originele un bedayṭungsfule Yudishe iberzetsung : glaykhtsayṭige erḳlerungen ... di midroshim un agodes̀ Ḥazal - Kaminer, Sz. B
Title from cover
Keywords: Bible
Downloads: 187
[texts]In geroysh fun mashinen roman in 2 ṭeyln - Horonczyk, Sz., 1889-1939
Electronic reproduction
Downloads: 66
[texts]Game Approach to Universally Kuratowski-Ulam Spaces - A. Kucharski
We consider a version of the open-open game, indicating its connections with universally Kuratowski-Ulam spaces. We show that: Every I-favorable space is universally Kuratowski-Ulam, (Theorem 8); If a compact space Y is I-favorable, then the hyperspace exp(Y) with the Vietoris topology is I-favorable, and hence universally Kuratowski-Ulam, (Theorems 6 and 9). Notions of uK-U and uK-U* spaces are compared.
Downloads: 6
[texts]Geḳlibene shrifṭn - Horonczyk, Sz., 1889-1939
Electronic reproduction
Downloads: 76
[texts]In geṿeb fun doyres̀ hisṭorishe dertseylung - Rosnblat, Iakow Sz
Title on page facing t.p.: In geweb fun dorot
Downloads: 61
[texts]Dvn-i eyh el-cc Amed Sz - Sz, Amed, d. 1830
Downloads: 277
[texts]6CXU6SZ - 6CXU6SZ
Keywords: 6CXU6SZ
Downloads: 487
[texts]On the properties of contact binary stars - Sz. Csizmadia
A catalogue of light curve solutions of contact binary stars has been compiled. It contains the results of 159 light curve solutions. Properties of contact binary stars were studied by using the catalogue data. As it is well known since Lucy's (1968a,b) and Mochnacki's (1981) works, primary components transfer their own energy to the secondary star via the common envelope around the two stars. This transfer was parameterized by a transfer parameter (ratio of the observed and intrinsic luminositi...
Downloads: 9
[texts]Relaxation of 2+1 dimensional classical O(2) symmetric scalar fields - Sz. Borsanyi
Real time thermalization and relaxation phenomena are studied in the low energy density phase of the 2+1 dimensional classical O(2) symmetric scalar theory by solving numerically its dynamics. The near-equilibrium decay rate of on-shell waves and the power law governing the large time asymptotics of the off-shell relaxation agree with the analytic results based on linear response theory. The realisation of the Mermin-Wagner theorem is also studied in the final equilibrium ensemble.
Downloads: 9
[texts]On the Interpolation of Model Atmospheres and High-Resolution Synthetic Stellar Spectra - Sz. Mészáros
We present tests carried out on optical and infrared stellar spectra to evaluate the accuracy of different types of interpolation. Both model atmospheres and continuum normalized fluxes were interpolated. In the first case we used linear interpolation, and in the second linear, cubic spline, cubic-Bezier and quadratic-Bezier methods. We generated 400 ATLAS9 model atmospheres with random values of the atmospheric parameters for these tests, spanning between -2.5 and +0.5 in [Fe/H], from 4500 to 6...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Tot 's Heren lof verzaamd om vrolyck zingghen reyne dit liedeboeck ghenaamd: De ghulde zangfonteyne, waer duer ick wensche: dat veel fonteyntjens (dat zyn ghelovighe harten) me ghewonnen mochten worden ... by een verghadert duer Abraham van Gherwen andermaal overzien en verb - Gherwen, Abraham Matthijsz. van
11 cm. 20 pp., 144 fol
Downloads: 2
[texts]Catalogus dipterorum hucusque descriptorum - KerteÌ?sz, KaÌ?lmaÌ?n
Vol. 3
Keywords: Diptera -- Catalogs and collections
Downloads: 847
[texts]Catalogus dipterorum hucusque descriptorum : Sciaridae, Mycetophilidae, Bibionidae, Chironomidae, Stenoxenidae, Culicidae, Ptychopteridae, Dixidae, Blepharoceridae, Simulidae, Orphnephilidae, Psychodidae, Rhyphidae - Kerte?sz, Ka?lma?n
Vol. 1
Downloads: 936
[texts]Catalogus dipterorum hucusque descriptorum - KerteÌ?sz, KaÌ?lmaÌ?n
Vol. 7
Keywords: Diptera -- Catalogs and collections
Downloads: 658
[texts]Catalogus dipterorum hucusque descriptorum - KerteÌ?sz, KaÌ?lmaÌ?n
Vol. 4
Keywords: Diptera -- Catalogs and collections
Downloads: 1,010
[texts]Nonequilibrium Goldstone phenomenon in Hybrid Inflation - Sz. Borsanyi
We study the onset of Goldstone phenomenon in a hybrid inflation scenario. The physically motivated range of parameters is analyzed in order to meet the cosmological constraints. Classical equations of motion are solved and the evolution through the spontaneous symmetry breaking is followed. We emphasize the role of topological defects that partially maintain the disordered phase well after the waterfall...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Pulling gold nanowires with a hydrogen clamp - Sz. Csonka
In this paper an experimental study of the interaction of hydrogen molecules with gold nanowires is presented. Our results show, that chains of Au atoms can also be pulled in hydrogen environment, however in this case the conductance of the chain is strongly reduced compared to the perfect transmission of pure Au chains. The comparison of our experiments with recent theoretical prediction for the hydrogen welding of Au nanowires implies that a hydrogen molecule can even be incorporated in the go...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Isotropization far from equilibrium - J. Berges
Isotropization occurs on time scales much shorter than the thermal equilibration time. This is a crucial ingredient for the understanding of collision experiments of heavy nuclei or other nonequilibrium phenomena in complex many body systems. We discuss in detail the limitations of estimates based on standard ``linear'' or relaxation-time approximations, where isotropization and thermal equilibration rates agree...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Thermalization of fermionic quantum fields - J. Berges
We solve the nonequilibrium dynamics of a 3+1 dimensional theory with Dirac fermions coupled to scalars via a chirally invariant Yukawa interaction. The results are obtained from a systematic coupling expansion of the 2PI effective action to lowest non-trivial order, which includes scattering as well as memory and off-shell effects. The dynamics is solved numerically without further approximation, for different far-from-equilibrium initial conditions...
Downloads: 3
[texts]High-accuracy Penning trap mass measurements with stored and cooled exotic ions - K. Blaum
The technique of Penning trap mass spectrometry is briefly reviewed particularly in view of precision experiments on unstable nuclei, performed at different facilities worldwide. Selected examples of recent results emphasize the importance of high-precision mass measurements in various fields of physics.
Downloads: 2
[texts]On the apsidal motion of BP Vulpeculae - Sz. Csizmadia
BP Vulpeculae is a bright eclipsing binary system showing apsidal motion. It was found in an earlier study that it shows retrograde apsidal motion which contradicts theory. In this paper we present the first $BV$ light curve of the system and its light curve solution as well as seven new times of the minima from the years 1959-1963. This way we could expanded the baseline of the investigation to five decades...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Goldstone excitations from spinodal instability - Sz. Borsanyi
The squared mass of a complex scalar field is turned dynamically into negative by its O(2)-invariant coupling to a real field slowly rolling down in a quadratic potential. The emergence of gapless excitations is studied in real time simulations after spinodal instability occurs. Careful tests demonstrate that the Goldstone modes appear almost instantly after the symmetry breaking is over, much before thermal equilibrium is established.
Downloads: 5
[texts]Mass Outflow and Chromospheric Activity of Red Giant Stars in Globular Clusters II. M13 and M92 - Sz. Mészáros
High resolution spectra of 123 red giant stars in the globular cluster M13 and 64 red giant stars in M92 were obtained with Hectochelle at the MMT telescope. Emission and line asymmetries in Halpha, and Ca K are identified, characterizing motions in the extended atmospheres and seeking differences attributable to metallicity in these clusters and M15. On the red giant branch, emission in Halpha generally appears in stars with T_eff 2.75...
Downloads: 14
[texts]Non-equilibrium Goldstone phenomenon in tachyonic preheating - Sz. Borsanyi
The dominance of the direct production of elementary Goldstone waves is demonstrated in tachyonic preheating by numerically determining the evolution of the dispersion relation, the equation of state and the kinetic power spectra for the angular degree of freedom of the complex matter field. The importance of the domain structure in the order parameter distribution for the quantitative understanding of the excitation mechanism is emphasized...
Downloads: 6
[texts]Very I-favorable spaces - A. Kucharski
We prove that a Hausdorff space $X$ is very $\mathrm I$-favorable if and only if $X$ is the almost limit space of a $\sigma$-complete inverse system consisting of (not necessarily Hausdorff) second countable spaces and surjective d-open bonding maps. It is also shown that the class of Tychonoff very $\mathrm I$-favorable spaces with respect to the co-zero sets coincides with the d-openly generated spaces.
Downloads: 7
[texts]Prediction of the human life expectancy - A. Laszkiewicz
We have simulated demographic changes in the human population using the Penna microscopic model, based on the simple Monte Carlo method. The results of simulations have shown that during a few generations changes in the genetic pool of a population are negligible, while improving the methods of compensation of genetic defects or genetically determined proneness to many disorders drastically affects the average life span of organisms...
Downloads: 6
[texts]Therapy-Related Myeloid Malignancies in Myeloma. (Volume 3) - Papanikolaou, X.
This article is from Mediterranean Journal of Hematology and Infectious Diseases, volume 3.AbstractTherapy related myeloid malignancies are an increasingly recognized treatment complication in patients undergoing therapy for multiple myeloma. The main predisposing factors are the alkylating agents, topoisomerase II inhibitors and radiotherapy, but recently questions have been raised regarding the immunomodulatory agent lenalidomide...
Downloads: 3
[texts]P.P.R. in ḳamf un boy tsum tsenṭn yorṭog fun der anṭshṭeyung fun der Poylisher Arbeṭer-Parṭey : Maṭeryaln un doḳumenṭn Yanuar 1942-Detsember 1948 - Zacharjasz, Sz. (Szymon)
Collected and compiled by Szymon Zachariasz and Ber Mark
Keywords: Polska Partia Robotnicza
Downloads: 95
[texts]Fractional modeling dynamics of HIV and CD4+ T-cells during primary infection. (Volume 6) - Arafa, AAM
This article is from Nonlinear Biomedical Physics, volume 6.AbstractIn this paper, we introduce fractional-order into a model of HIV-1 infection of CD4+ T cells. We study the effect of the changing the average number of viral particles N with different sets of initial conditions on the dynamics of the presented model. Generalized Euler method (GEM) will be used to find a numerical solution of the HIV-1 infection fractional order model.
Downloads: 1
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